Puget Arm Chair Small

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  • Puget Arm Chair Beige, Gray,Blue
  • Specifications
    Arm Height from floor (cm) 62
    Arm Height from floor (in) 24.4
    Color Chrome
    Long Description Puget Arm Chair Green
    Product Cover (Upholstery Material or Type of Metal) Cotton Linen Blend
    Product Finish (Structure Materiel or Type of Wood) Toon Wood
    Product1 D 83.0
    Product1 H 82.0
    Product1 W 93.0
    Seat Depth (cm) 61
    Seat Depth (in) 24.0
    Seat Height (cm) 45
    Seat Height (in) 17.7
    Seat Width (in) 26.8

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